hey, I'm Ram 👋

( I am a passionate software engineer with 5+ years of experience in web development.) &&

( I am a FOSS enthusiast who explores patterns in the Github wilderness.) &&

( ( I speak fluent Javascript.) &&

( I explore Psychology.) &&

( I enjoy travelling.)

( I read books.)

( I am on a quest to identify and document the best practices from popular opensource codebases at tthroo.)


I derive my confidence in coding by reading lots of open source code almost every day. Whilst I do this, I document and share the best practices, coding tips and tricks that I identified on Medium, Linkedin, Hashnode.

I built a platform named TThroo using Docusaurus with a vision to:

  • Build open source projects from scratch and provide learning resources to the dev community.
  • Stay on top of latest patterns by building projects (much like bulletproof-react) using the best practices found in open source.

Thanks to Leerob for this awesome website template.